Welcome to the heart of the Wild Taiga to watch and photography Finnish wildlife.

Best wildlife safaris and photography in Finland. With Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences, you will explore the precious richness of Finnish taiga, observe, photograph and share special moments with European wild brown bear, wolverine, European elk and Finnish caribou, beaver, wolves…
Different wildlife safaris for every one from few hours to 14 days.

Taiga Spirit is located in Lentiira village (43 km north from Kuhmo, Kainuu region) with comfortable B & B accommodation.

Taiga Spirit owner is involve in local and rural development as well as local nature protection association. Sustainable tourism (ecotours).

Season 2019

* Northern Lights / Aurores Boreales
* Special Wolverine starting end of march and april 2019
* Special Capercaillie and black grouse