Call of the wild taiga

Canoe, hiking and tracking animals, husky trekking, bear watching.

We have selected wildlife tours and places to visit for a week stay in Kuhmo: canoeing beaver river, husky trekking, peat bog tour, hiking Hiidenportti National Park and tracking for bears. Days in wilderness, nights in a lake side hotel at Kuhmo or Bed and Breakfast at Lentiira village.

Price 1 150,00€

Season: May to September
Dates: Starting dates Sundays
Group size: 2 – 12 persons
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Price 2017:  started from 1150€/ person in bed and breakfast and 1 300 euros/ person in hotel at Kuhmo

Price includes:

Accommodation in hotel 6 nights, full board from first dinner until breakfast last day, 5 days guided tours. Transfers Kajaani airport or railway station to/from Kuhmo. Bear photography night.

Non included:

  • Single room in the hotel about +200 euros. Extra nights possible.
  • Flights

Please notify: Program can be changed according to the season and the weather conditions as well as because of animal’s movements (like some news from other guides). Animals seen are totally wild and free.

Smoking and the use of alcohol are forbidden in the hides. Speaking in the hide is restricted.

We reserve the right to change the order and places of the program.


We have selected the most delicious pieces of the wildlife and places to visit during a week long tour in Kuhmo, Finland: canoeing along a beaver river, following an esker from the last ice age with husky dogs, peat bog tour introducing the most pristine landscape of Finland, a day tour in National Park Hiidenportti and a tracking tour with professional wildlife guide studying bear trails. All this with an accommodation in a lake side hotel and full board with a minimum size of the group only 2 persons!

DAY 1:

Arriving hotel Kalevala in Kuhmo. Dinner and accommodation.

DAY 2:

Hiking tour (about 10 km) to peat bogs. The most untouched nature of Finland is found in the wetlands – originally more than 30% of the area was peat lands. Now many of these areas are highly protected because of their special fauna and flora. We will visit a beautiful mire reserve with a hiking trail, which winds through the area and leads alternately across mires and through old-forest islets, which are in their natural state. Guide can tell a lot about the nature, caribous, birds and other animals which you might see during the tour. The trail we hike is about 10 km. With lunch break and breaks for photographing and studying the nature the whole tour takes 6 to 7 hours.

DAY 3:

Tour starts at noon and is paddled on a small wilderness lake and on a small stream. The target is a gigantic beaver’s lodge. We will also view the dams the beaver has built and his feeding trails. Paddling here is every time an adventure – beaver is very active in building the dams and renovating the old ones. Sometimes we have to come away from the canoes and climb over the dams. The beaver is usually out in the evening and at night but if we are lucky we may hear him warning the other beavers of intruders by splashing the water with his strong tail. We will stop to make us lunch and coffee by the fire (weather permitting fires).  We paddle 3 kms on a lake and about the same on the river. With transfers from/to Kuhmo, lunch and breaks for beaver studies the tour takes about 5 hours.

DAY 4:

Hiking tour in Hiidenportti National Park. According to an old Finnish legend a demon called Hiisi fled to the peaceful and quiet setting of Hiidenportti. The heart of Hiidenportti National Park is the majestic Hiidenportti Gorge, which is the most notable nature attraction in the region. Guide tells you the stories and beside those also facts about the nature you see during the day. With transfers the tour takes 6-7 hours.

DAY 5:

During a nature walk of about 3 hours in the Finnish taiga, you will discover with the guide the secrets and tracks of the wild brown bear and other animals: droppings, places animals have been sleeping and marks on the trees. Guide will tell you the story of the Finnish bear. To see the animals and to photograph them we will go for a night in the bear watching hide.

DAY 6:

Hiking tour to a nature protection area, sandy esker landscape, with the eager huskies. This so called husky trekking is co operation. Each one has an “own” friendly husky, a special belt and a shock-absorbing leash. Huskies are very eager to pull and your job is to follow and slow down on the tricky parts. Having the dogs with helps us to see, smell and hear better what is out there in the nature. Lunch we make by the fire, some sausages we give for the dogs as well. Duration of the tour 5-6 hours including transfers.

DAY 7:

Breakfast and transfer to the airport Kajaani.

Please notify: Details of the program, order of the days and places of the tours can be changed because of safety or weather conditions. All the animals seen in the nature are wild and free.Smoking and the use of alcohol are forbidden in the hides. Speaking in the hide is restricted.

Service languages included:

Finnish, English, French